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Travian Tool : Travian Quadrant Statistics

Which quadrant is the most densely populated location ? Which quadrant has the most players ? Which quadrant is the best location to start our village ?

As you acknowledge, in Travian, there are 4 (four) quadrant you can play on.  North East or NE in +/+ (x axes / y axes), South East or SE in +/-, South West or SW in -/-, and the last is North West or NW in -/+. When you start the game, you probably want to start/settle in the quadrant with has the minimum players possible. Or you probably want to start your game in the quadrant with less Teutons than other tribes, considered to be more safe to start the game with minimum plunder actions.

For those, you can try to use this Travian Tool : Travian Quadrant Statistics.

i-Travian-Tools - Travian Quadrant Statistics

i-Travian-Tools – Travian Quadrant Statistics

What statistic informations shown by Travian Quadrant Statistics ?

  • Number of players of each quadrant
  • Number of villages of each quadrant
  • Number of Romans / Teutons / Gauls selected of each quadrant
  • Top 5 players of each quadrant with its alliances

The top 5 players is sorted and ranked base on their population size.
Natar players and its villages is not counted as players and villages.

How to use this tool ?

i-Travian-Tools - Travian Quadrant Statistics

How to Use i-Travian-Tools – Travian Quadrant Statistics

Choose the country and server you play on from the options provided like shown in above picture, then click the “Process” button. And it will show the result like this :

i-Travian-Tools - Travian Quadrant Statistics Result

i-Travian-Tools – Travian Quadrant Statistics Result

The VillCount column of that result shows us the number of villages of a player in single quadrant, but the TotalVil shows us the total number of villages of  a player in all quadrant. If a player settle or build all of his villages in a quadrant, than the TotalVil will always the same result with the VillCount. As the full result, you will see all the statistics for 4 quadrant rather than 1 quadrant like the above pic shows.


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