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Travian Tool: Cage Simulator

Travian 4 introducing hero equipment. One of them is cage. Cage is used to trap or capture nature units and make them to be our defending units. We don’t need to capture all the nature or animals in an oasis, just pick some of them that suite our needs. With this cage simulator, we can simulate how many cage is needed to capture an amount of each nature units that available in an oasis.

In Travian 4, there is new system about nature units. We can trap them from an oasis to become our units. Nature units that already trapped and become our unit can not be moved, they will stay in a village to guard it. They consume 0 (zero) crops also. So, they are pretty handy to help us survive against raider in the early stage of the game, where our resource production still too low to produce own units.
How to trap nature units ? First, find an oasis with nature units inside, then equip your hero with cage in the adequate amount to trap them. Send your hero that already equipped with the cages to raid the oasis. Done, you will capture the nature units as much as your bringing cage.

Oasis With Nature Units Inside

Oasis With Nature Units Inside

How many cage you need to capture the nature units or animals ? If you want to capture them all, you can use as many as all the animals there. But if you need to capture some of them, you don’t need to use as many as all the animals there. Use this simple calculator or simulator, to simulate how many cage you need to capture your desired nature units : Cage Simulator. Now you don’t need to calculate or simulate it manually. Pretty helpful and simple simulator : Cage Calculator.

You can find out also about each nature unit strength there, so you can choose what nature units is best to be captured. Remember, the trapped nature units is consuming o (zero) crops, so you don’t need to be worry to capture them as much as you can.

By time, we are also developing and enhancing our Cage Calculator/Simulator. We are ready with Cage Calculator 2 and Cage Calculator 3. In Cage Calculator 2, we help you to calculate the minimum number of cage you needed to bring in a single trip. In Cage Calculator 2, we help you to calculate the possible minimum number of cage you can get with a number of trip instead of forcing capturing the animals in a trip. For details, please read : Travian Cage Calculator 2 and Travian Cage Calculator 3.

Happy reading and using.

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