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Travian Signature: Rev 4 Forum Signature

New Revision has been published. Many Travian Signatures with new looks and creative design. Its a 400×100 pixel in size, an appropriate size for your forum signature, with an option for daily automatic update for your Travian InGame statistic like population, villages and ranks.

For those who seeks for custom forum signature for your Travian, here is your right place. We proudly present the new revision of Travian Signature for your forum or any other website you belongs. In this rev.4, we make it still in Travian 4 looks and feel, with some non Travian background to enrich your choices of creative and awesome signature. We also make this revision can be daily automatic updated, for your Travian Ingame statistics, like population of your Travian ID, village count you have, ranks of population and rank of your tribe choice.

Its absolutely free and automatic updated daily, you don’t need to change your signature daily in order to get the updated statistic for these revision of signature. We bring it the update, directly to your chosen siggy. So what are you waiting for ? Just contact me at, then go to your forum setting : Edit Signature.

Here are the choices we present for revision 4 :

Type Preview


Travian Forum Signature
Travian Forum Signature


Travian Forum Signature
Eagle On Abstract Background


Travian Forum Signature
Eagle Background With Equites Cesaris


Travian Forum Signature
Phoenix Background


Travian Forum Signature
Eagle Background


Travian Forum Signature
Dragon Lair Background


Travian Forum Signature
Dragon and Tiger


Travian Forum Signature
Equites Cesaris on Bliss Earth Background


Travian Forum Signature
Eagle Eye


Travian Forum Signature
Harry Potter


Travian Forum Signature
Example of Use Statistic Data


Travian Forum Signature Example

Some guide to change your Travian Forum Signature (for vBulletin v4.1.3 Forum) :

Change Forum Signature

Change Forum Signature

BB Code Mode

BB Code Mode

Go to your forum settings, change your signature, enter the BB Code Mode for your Signature Editor like shown by the above pictures.
If you found that the image url is too length to fit your signature code, you can try to short the url using Google URL Shortener :

For the signature image URL, please contact me at :

GMail : or

YM : hary.travianhint


Terms and conditions :

Don’t change any codes/BB Code in the signature code given by me. Just copy and paste them directly into your Signature Code.

For the automate generated statistic of your villages, population and ranks, feel free to contact me via email at with this format :
1. Title your email : Request Auto Updated Siggy
2. Mention your data : in game id, the server of your in game id, forum id, your url forum server, text you want to be written below your forum id like example (10 example in above table).
3. Choose your image/background from the choice I give in the table above. Just mention the number of your choice (1-10).

The final result will be shown like number 11 and 12 in the table above.

Have a good time.

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