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Travian Hint: Why do people choose Gauls ?

There are three (3) tribes you can play in Travian : Teutons, Romans, and Gauls. Many Travian players are likely to play Gauls for the defense style reasons. But is that true that Gauls is the right choice for you ? Is there any other particular reasons why people choose Gauls ?

Why do people choose Gauls ? Brief information, Gauls have good defense units and also balance offense units. Their merchant is the fastest merchants in Travian. Also have the fastest (in speed) units like Theutates Thunder. For the details reasons, have your time to read this post.


For def the issue is mainly to replace def as fast as possible, and to be able to move it to the defense location as fast as possible.

Gauls build def troops fastest, and more importantly the most def points per resource invested. They are however costlier in crop consumption per def point.

Gaul infantry def (phalanxes) are 40% faster than praetorians and as fast as spears. Druids are 60% faster than paladins.

One interesting fact is that in building def pts per hour Teutons are second fastest.


When it comes to off it is more complex since romans can have the water through. It helps them in that it lowers the crop consumption but also raises the build speed with up to 20%.

As for raiding clubs are the best still if one takes build cost, carry, and speed into account. After that comes TTs and last EIs.

For building an army Teutons build the most off pts per hours (infantry+cavalry). Romans build 3%, and Gauls 11%, slower than Teutons. Numbers including water throughs and Teuton axes.

Quote Originally Posted by Mapuo View Post
You need that speed for? The only reason – you may TRY hunting sleeping troops with TT. Enough for speed atributes, they working only with hero, but the faster troop in this game, have only 90 attack points. You can’t raid with speed items, and in combination with cats and rams situation is the same in all tribes. For swords – is something like bad for gauls. Gauls have slowest infantry in the game(attack), and nothing can’t change that fact.

Which speed swords have is rather unimportant since they always go with catas and/or chiefs.

The gaul TT ghost hammers were feared on T3.6. Ask the players Fern hit on last s6 to see if his “trying” worked out fine. On T4 where off troops are also upgraded in def time will tell. Running a ghost hammer will be more expensive either way.

I play gaul for a number of reasons

* The speed/carry of gaul merchants
* The speed of TTs
* Chieftains move 1 step faster so I get one more chance (pacing with cata, ram, and just the chief) to land all chiefing attack on the same second.
* I can mix and play both off and def
* The early game I am pretty much left alone

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