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Travian Hint : Task 11 Change Hero’s Production

In Travian 4.0, each new player will be provided with some task/quest to be finished. The task master give the quest. Every time you finish your task/quest, you will get bonuses. They can be gold reward or resource reward. In some task, you need to be careful to choose your answer to get efficient and match reward to your needs. We will tell you more about the 11th task from Task Master.

In Travian 4.0, Hero can give us bonus to the resources. This is the new feature that introduce in Travian 4.0. In task 11 from the Task Master, we are asked to change our hero’s production. See this picture :


Travian 4 - Quest 11

Travian 4 – Quest 11


We were asked to change the Hero resource production in the Hero settings like below picture :

Travian 4 - Hero Resource Production

Travian 4 – Hero Resource Production


What will happening if we choose to select the resource production to center the production on wood ? on clay ? on iron or on wheat ? This quest (Task 11) will reward us with 200 resources of our selected one. Base on this, we need to be careful to put our resource production on which resources, we don’t want to waste the 200 resources reward to nothing or overload on unneeded resources.

My recommendation is to put the resources on clay. Why ? Because in the beginning of our village, the development needs more clay rather than any other resources. So by putting the resource production on clay means we will get 200 clay as the reward from Task 11. This will help a lot to continue our village development.


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