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Travian Hint: Recover from Crop Lock

Are you being crop locked ? What should you do to be “normal” again ? Don’t worry, being crop locked is not the end of everything, but you need a lot of patient and supplies.

For those who still not know what crop lock is, please read my previous post about crop locking here => Travian Hint: Crop Lock.

Are you being crop locked ? What should you do to be “normal” again ? Don’t worry, being crop locked is not the end of everything, but you need a lot of patient and supplies.

In other side, being crop locked is a start of a new challenge in Travian gaming. Not so many players or experienced players have the spirit and abilities to get “raise” again from crop lock. If you can do that, I believe you are a good player that can achieve many more good result in your Travian gaming.

Travian Crop Lock Village

Travian Crop Lock Village

Like I said before, to get alive again from crop locked, you need 2 things: patient and supplies. You need a lot of supplies to restore your village that has been crop locked. Here is the “thing” you should have for restoring your crop locked village :

  1. Make sure you have “good” and “decent” backup of defenders
  2. Make sure you have many supplies.
  3. Golds


As being crop locked, your village must be a target from players or alliances. They will keep continue to attack your village in order to make sure that your village keep crop locked and no “restoring” activities. Without decent backup of defender of your friends or ally, your village will be constantly targeted and farmed as their purpose.


To recover from crop lock, you need a lot of supplies, either resources like clays, irons or woods and crops. You need resources to build up your destroyed buildings, like granaries and warehouse also to build up your destroyed crop fields.


Maybe this is the main factor you should have to get recover from crop locked. Golds can make you do some instant buildings and NPC. It would be a great help in your steps to build up your village again. Those without golds, may have real difficulties or almost impossible to get recovered. Although you are not agree with me about this, but I ensure, if you not have golds, you better del your id rather than being crop locked and farmed.

If you have all the “things” to get recovered, you can follow the next steps :

1. Destroy unnecessary buildings from your crop locked village.

Buildings like military (barrack, stable, workshop), military upgrade (blacksmith, armoury, academy), or resource upgrade (Iron foundry, Brickyard, and Sawmill) can be destroyed to get free “crop” spaces. Don’t destroy crop upgrade building like Grain Mill or bakery if not necessary.

The main reason to destroy your buildings are to make your crop production getting positive again.

2. Build up your crop fields again

You can go to this steps if you already do some destruction of your buildings as mentioned in the first point above. After you can have the option to build/upgrade your crop fields, do that again and again until you reach positive and decent number of crop production

3. Build up your granary

Don’t forget to upgrade/build up your granary if you see this option enable again in your village. Basically, after you do the 1st and 2nd step above, you will have the chance to build up your granary again. Since granary is the target to be destroyed by your enemies, you should build them again in order to have decent crop supplies for your defender reinforcements.

Travian Hint:

How to do these steps ? Basically in the first place your village crop locked, your have no granary nor crop fields. All you need to do is ask your friends and alliances to supply the resources and crops to your village in a small amount but constantly (like 100 resources/crops every hours). Remember to ask the shipments in small amounts since you have small or no granary or warehouse to keep the big amount of shipments.

After you follow and success in each of the above steps, well done, your village is recovered and you can start to make troops to defend it your self and start your other plan with your “alive again” village.

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Comments (6)

  1. Vita says:

    and in the next chapter Galleon will describe how to get out from a crop lock if a pro did that to your village

  2. Galleon says:

    I already did that in this post. Recovering is a way to get out from a crop lock.

  3. Scout is my Hero, Spy on the ladies says:

    If you have already villages with catapults..
    1)you can send to destroy your other buildings in order to recover from crop lock.. never destroy the main building and market..
    2)have 2 or more granary so when one is destroyed you have a spare so your ally’s can send crops to your village..
    3)if all else fails.. get ready to spend 100-150 gold..

  4. Shin says:

    just wanna add a little ^^

    according to my experiences, don’t destroy other buildings, not necessary since you were under attacked, keep them for the “random” target of catapults.

    if you have multiple villages already, you can recover by yourself but of course, need GOLD. without golds, like galleon said, its almost impossible to recover FAST when you were under attacked.

    note: constantly sending resources of 800 of all resources to your crop lock village. adjust the time arrival between 15-30 seconds each merchant

    these are steps for recovering from crop lock:
    1. activate plus function (to get 2 buildings queue , 3 for roman)
    2. upgrade your all crop field till level 5 (use instant completion with gold), if your bakery and grain mill not aimed yet, then you will have more than enough crop / hour now.
    3. build your main building level 1 only (use instant completion) why? cause you don’t need building time when using instant completion
    4. build your rally point (most important build after you recover, to analyze next waves of attacks and to cut the catapults waves)
    5. start building your warehouse and granary till level 10 first, then build a lot of granaries inside first, don’t build other building on empty slots, JUST granaries. why? cause your now your village will need a lot of granaries to feed defenders from your alliance and yourself to trap enemies attack or eliminate them since your village now become “trap” village cause all medium attacker will consider your village as a “safe” village to attack (i used this strategy to kill a lot of 2nd and 3rd attack armies of the enemies and cut thousand of catapults)
    6. raise your city wall to 20 (no exceptions) with gold of course

    note: you will able to survive if the enemies don’t have good coordination of attacks, if not, your village will be wiped out from map without even a crop lock strategy

  5. ... says:

    I was crop-locked, but it’s quite easy to get out, all you need is alliance which might help you by sending resources(not necessary), you don’t need gold. Just trade your resources for grain and build your crop fields. Thats how I did it. And remember: You can let your crop go zero, but don’t leave any grain if you don’t need it: Instead go to market, and put rest of your grain for sale in 1:2 ratio so no one will accept it. When you need grain, just delete that offer. Easy, and you don’t lose that crop 🙂

  6. Galleon says:

    thanks for your addition tips

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