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Travian Hint: Hiding Main Attack Village

Main attacker troops is the most important things for all big attacker players. And that’s why it’s important to hide it from any enemies threat. How to hide the main attacker village ?

Main attacker troops is the most important things for all big attacker players. And that’s why it’s important to hide it from any enemies threat. How to hide the main attacker village ?

ps: I get this hint from my experience playing Travian in Indonesian servers (idx server). I translate this from the MM (mass message) I get there.

1. Blur the name of your village

Name your main attack village like other ordinary villages. Blur it with your other villages. Keep your main attack village out of your top 10 villages, change it’s name so it can be ordered at the bottom as possible.

2. Lower the population

Reduce/lower the population of your main attack village as possible. Population around 500-800 is quite feasible for main attack village. Don’t get more higher than that.

  • don’t build the resource fields like clay, iron or woods. Keep them at level o (zero). Just up/build the crop fields.
  • keep other buildings stay low except these ones : barrack, great barrack, stable, great stable, workshop, rally point and Tournament square. Build/up these to level 20.
  • destroy the blacksmith if you already train all your attacking units to it’s level 20.
  • build  3 warehouse only, and leave the rest spots for granaries.
  • if you want to keep your population low, build/up the market at low level as needed. You can destroy the market also if you think you don’t need to send the resources away from your main attack village. This will certainly help you to low your main attack village since market give significant population.
  • you can also destroy the residence/palace in your main attack village in order to reduce the population and get more free slot to build the granaries for feeding your main attack troops. This option has a risk, making your village vulnerable to be conquered. But if you think, you already good enough to hide your main attack troops, this option is worth to be taken.

3. Don’t use the troops.

Hiding means don’t use your main attack troops so often. Don’t use your main attack troops for raiding, and other unnecessary wars. Use them only for hitting WW (World Wonder) or important wars of your alliance. Remember, when you move your troops to invade, the enemy can record the village where your troops come out.

4. Spread the main attack troops

Don’t waste your main attack troops in starving. Spread them into your other villages if you are not able to monitor the crops for 24 hours.

5. Scouts

Park some scouts in all of your villages, especially in villages that contains main attack troops. Park scouts too in your oasis if you use them to park your main attack troops. Don’t let your enemy scan your main attack troops without your knowing.

6. Fictitious/Guise village

Set your other village as your fictitious main attack village. Use some “killing” name for it, make it in top 3-10 (pop) among ofyour village. Active using this fictitious village in any of invading missions or raids. Boost the pop in the fictitious village.

Hiding from Scanning

If your enemy scan your villages in order to seek for your main attack village, they will try to seek for great stable and great barrack in your villages. They will launch fake to all of your villages using catapult with those 2 buildings (great barrack and great stable) as the target. To hide from this scan, if you sure that your enemy is launching the fake, destroy those 2 buildings before the fake is arrive at your main attack village, and build them again after the fake attack is done. Of course this trick is costly, but I, my self, prefer doing this rather than my main attack village scanned and then I must face many real wave attack from the enemies.

ps: thanks to “Lo Ayam” as the composer of this MM in idx round 5 server.

If you have any other hints/tricks for this topic, feel free to leave comments below.

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Comments (6)

  1. cris says:

    this is not worth to even consider first if u chose a croper u will make it ur capital so that u can raize ur filds to lvl 20
    2 destroyng and rebuilding lvl 20 crayzy it takes u good h and the resurse loss i substantial better just organize a good defens there cheers

  2. ... says:

    @cris, defences does not help. He said FAKE attacks, that means that they send only one catapult targeting to Great Barracks/Stable, and even if that cata dies they will get report where reads “Great Barracks/Stable was not damaged” so they know that there is that building.

    But I agree that destroying and rebuilding lvl 20 buildings is quite costly

  3. Galleon says:

    yes, its quite costly, but its up to you to choose, your hammer village is detected and then targeted to be zero popped / conquered or choose the quite costly alternative to destroy your GB/GS temporarily.

    its just an option

  4. Bear says:

    Uh.. You know you can’t build a Great Barracks or Great stable except in your capital.. So hiding it is pointless..

    If someone is going to try and hit you and hit your capital with a sizeable force. Having a GB or GS won’t really matter. That training time to rebuild your GS and GB back to 20 would take way to many resources.. Even with lvl 15/16 fields at a 15c going 24/7 on cats Infantry and Cavalry. Destroying and rebuilding your GS and GB every day or two (since fakes can be sent constantly of course and if you are in war lots of fakes will show up) is way to much of a loss of time and res..

    Just make your hammer right. Keep villages specialized and 1 or 2 good friends who are defensive players. Two villages of your own. One that builds infantry defense and one cavalry defense. You and your two friends can kill most hammers unless end game. Even then can put a hurting on them.

    If you’re that worried and close to another hammer just destroy them first. I mean nice idea’s? Just not very practical at all.

    • admin says:

      FYI, GB (Great Barrack) and GS (Great Stable) only can be built in non capital village. So Bear, maybe you just mistyping by mentioning GB and GS can’t be built except in the capital.

      GB and GS can not be built in Capital, so thats why a non capital hammer has the chance to produce bigger hammer troops rather than from the capital one.

      We are talking about the scanning of main hammer villages, not the real attack to main hammer village. So if your opponents is trying to locate/detect/scan your main hammer village by sending fake aiming for the GB and GS, I think its a choice to destroy those 2 building to avoid your main hammer villages scanned. There is no need to destroy GB and GS every day, just destroy it when the fake is landed and built it again later if you think there is no scanning fake launched again.

      thanks for reading

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