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Travian 4 : Hero Adventures

What is Hero adventure ? What will my hero gets from the adventures ? How many adventures a day that my hero can get ?

As part of the new hero system in T4 (Travian Version 4.0), you can now send your hero on adventures, almost like mini quests for your hero. Only your hero goes on these, and will gain experience, resources, troops, valuable items, or nothing from these. To start the adventure, go to hero adventure page which is located in upper right of your browser window, near your hero picture like shown by this picture :

Hero Adventure Link Location

Hero Adventure Link Location

And your hero adventure page will be like below picture :

Travian 4 Hero Adventure Page

Travian 4 Hero Adventure Page


As you can see, I only have two adventures. Select one you wish to go on by clicking “To the adventure”. After you confirm all the confirmations, you will be able to see your hero attack in your rally point as an outgoing attack. As an outgoing attack, you still able to cancel that adventure by clicking the red “X” mark/link of the attack. Once your hero attack lands, you will get a battle report like this screen :

Hero Adventure Report

Hero Adventure Report


Click that report (which I have outlined in with the red box) and you will see the detail battle report like this screen :

Hero Adventure - Detail Battle Report

Detail Battle Report of Hero Adventure

In above detail battle report, in the bottom information, you see that my hero gain 16 experience point but lost 1% health. This takes effect to your hero immediately. The next piece of info you see is labeled “Bounty”. This is what your hero is bringing back to your village. My hero get item : 28 pcs of Ointment.

In your first ten adventures, pretty much every gets the following:

  • nothing but experience
  • Horse
  • resources
  • silver
  • Troops (basic unit of own tribe, 3 units to be exact)
  • a number of cages
  • a book of wisdom
  • a number of ointments

The order you get them, however is random. The rest of your adventures you will get one of the following:

  • Nothing (except damage and experience)
  • Armour/Weapon (any level of quality possible)
  • Equipment
  • Silver
  • Resources
  • Scattered troops

What you get from adventures is random. Your raids, troops, population etc. has no effect on what spawns for you.

It’s also very important to remember that your adventure spawn rate is predetermined. At activation you get 3 adventures.

In addition you get on a 1x speed server:

  • day 1 – 3: 3 adventures each day
  • day 4 – 7: 2 adventures each day
  • day 8 – 21: 1.2 adventures each day
  • day 22 – end of server: 0.6 adventures each day

As a 3x speed server is running 3 times as fast you would receive the adventures 3x faster as on a 1x speed server:

  • day 1/3 – 3/3: 3 adventures each 1/3 day (=8 hours)
  • day 4/3 – 7/3: 2 adventures each 1/3 day
  • day 8/3 – 21/3: 1.2 adventures each 1/3 day
  • day 22/3 – end of server: 0.6 adventures each 1/3 day

The day count starts from account activation, NOT from the server start. So, during first 24 hours there are 6 adventures to be done. The spawn is semi-random within the day, so it can be you get 9 adventures at first 30 hours, and after that you have to wait 30 hours to get 10th adventure.

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