Travian Tool: Cage Calculator 2

Developing and enhancing our previous Cage Simulator/Calculator (ver 1),
Now we present Cage Calculator 2.

Unlike the previous simulator, which simulates the type and the amount of any animals that can be captured using a number of cage inputted, now, this cage calculator 2, will help you to calculate how much (minimum) cage required to capture certain animals in a certain amount (that inputted in column Target of the given table).

The result number from the calculation of this calculator is the minimum, which means if you take more than this number of course the number of animals that can be caught will be more than that displayed by this calculator.

This calculator need 2 column of input : column Available and column Target.

  1. Enter the number of available animals from an oasis in Available Column
  2. Enter the number of animals who want to be caught in the Target column

After you fill that 2 column, click the button “Calculate Requred Cage” to get the result cage amount.

Lets try.

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Nature - Cage Calculator (Emilzoolator*)
Pic Animal Available Target Captured
Rat Rat
Spider Spider
Snake Snake
Bat Bat
Wild Boar Wild Boar
Wolf Wolf
Bear Bear
Crocodile Crocodile
Tiger Tiger
Elephant Elephant
Minimum Number of Cages Required
Nature Strengh Table
Pic Animal
Rat Rat 25 20
Spider Spider 35 40
Snake Snake 40 60
Bat Bat 66 50
Wild Boar Wild Boar 70 33
Wolf Wolf 80 70
Bear Bear 140 200
Crocodile Crocodile 380 240
Tiger Tiger 170 250
Elephant Elephant 440 520
*Emilzoolator is made by the idea from the lovely Emilia (special thanks)
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